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About Us

GBi-Solutions (U) Ltd is a registered private limited company incorporated in the year 2015 in Uganda – East Africa.

We are a team of Technology Enthusiasts mainly driven by our individual experiences, motivated by the need to integrate IT in businesses, simplify IT Management and to develop tailored software solutions for businesses or organizations.

Our major objective is to tailor and implement database applications for businesses, to help them to improve in performance and to be part of their journey in meeting their investment goals.

  • Our Vision is to be the benchmark for ICT Integration in businesses in the region.
  • Our Mission is to offer tailored ICT Solutions to businesses, to see them improve in performance and to be part of their journey in meeting their investment goals.

Our Team

Gilbert Sekamanya

Gilbert Sekamanya

Bernard Tebandeke

Bernard Tebandeke

Software Developer

The Process We Follow

Customer Interview and Project Planning

We limit our concurrent projects to ensure your company gets the most care and attention possible. For every new project, we schedule meetings with the client to understand what they require us to do, given the prevailing problems.

This step helps us generate information required for the project development. The client can equally share some information that acts as the product basis. This information is critically analysed by the team so as to generate a working strategy that can get the project done in the designated time. From the analysis and planning, the client can then know the project development period.

Project Development & Client Feedback

Using the project plan generated from step one, the team then breaks down the project into manageable sub-tasks and each member on the team gets to work on a piece of the project.

With this kind of approach, we are able to quickly create a sample prototype (sketch) of the final project. This is in the bid to do customer acceptance tests. With every step of the development, the client is brought on board once again to see the progress and also determine if the team is on the right track. The project code is modified to the version preferred by the client and this is done up to the deployment stage.

Deployment & UX Data Collection

The product is deployed at the customer's premises or to a domain that has been purchased by the customer (in case it is a website).

Care is taken to make sure all the required configuration is done so that the client gets a great experience with the new product. We then designate time to collect User Experience (UX) data. This gives us feedback on how the client finds the new product and it is a means of evaluation for us as a company. In case it is a website, the client can then start marketing the product on-line. When then provide quarterly maintenance for the products to make sure they are functioning as expected. This support is on-going and the client can always contact us in case of any problems.


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